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Five-finger relaxation technique

It is not mandatory to use innovative tools to relax; you can relax with very little; for example, your own fingers. The five-finger relaxation technique is a very easy way to relax!

Sit down comfortably, close your eyes, and put your hands on your lap. Then, choose a hand to start with! Touch the tip of your thumb with each finger, one by one, following these instructions:

  • Start with your index finger. At the same time, try to remember a moment when you were tired, but tired in a good way. For example, after a nice exercise session. Remember how good it was to spend all your energy doing exercise.
  • Then, touch the tip of your thumb with your middle finger. This time, focus on a moment when you felt a loving physical touch. This could, for example, be a hug or a tender arm around your shoulder. Remember how nice it was to feel helped by a friend or relative.
  • Next, your ring finger. While touching your thumb, think of a compliment that a colleague or a friend gave you. This is a time to feel gratified by someone’s good opinion of you.
  • Last but not least, touch your thumb with the tip of your little finger. Picture a beautiful landscape; it could an island beach or a river in a forest. Just focus on the splendor of the scene.

You can continue with the other hand, if required. Alternatively, use this technique as soon as you need to relax quickly!

Photo credit: thomasAdapted from: Davis, M., Eshelman, E.R. & McKay, M. (1988) The Relaxation & Stress Reduction Workbook. Oakland, CA. New Harbingerwanhoff via Visual Hunt
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Last modified date: 7/4/2022