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10 tips to relax

10 tips to relax

Relax, take a breath. People often think that they need to spend hours in a spa or weeks on vacation to relax. It may be quicker than you think! Each of the following 10 tips can help you relax in less than 15 minutes. Choose one each day!

1. Breathe deeply

Take a 5-minute break to concentrate on your breathing. Close your eyes, sit up straight, and put one hand on your belly. Slowly breathe-in through your nose and feel the air throughout your abdomen. Then, slowly breathe out through your mouth. Take ten deep breathes!

2. Meditate

You can simply reduce anxiety by spending a few minutes meditating per day. It is easy to do! Sit up straight with both feet on the ground. Then, close your eyes and focus your attention on silently repeating a positive sentence; for example, “I am a good person” or “I feel peaceful.” Synchronize your sentence with your breathing.

3. Focus on your senses

Throughout the day, try to focus on your senses and sensations. For example, try to feel the air on your face in the street, try to catch the nice smells near the flower shop or the bakery, enjoy the taste of each mouthful of food, pay attention to the birds when they sing… When you manage to feel the moment and focus on your five senses, you should feel less stressed.

4. Speak to your friends

It is always a good idea to share your feelings with friends. They will help you handle stress and they can give you an external point of view. In addition, you will keep your social network strong! It is always better to meet your friends in person. Why not meet at a restaurant or coffee shop?

5. Become aware of your whole body

Another good stress-relieving exercise consists of lying on your back and spending 5 minutes mentally scanning your body. You can start from your toes until your hair and try to become aware of each part of your body. Repeat this process from your hair until your toes.

6. Laugh

What is a better way to relax than laughing openly? It has been shown that laughing could lower the stress hormone cortisol. It could also increase endorphins, which will help you feel better! Watch your favorite comedy on TV!

7. Let’s turn on music!

 Many researches have demonstrated a link between listening to music and stress reduction. You can easily find relaxing songs or nature sounds on the Internet. When listening to this music, pay attention to each instrument separately, the different melodies, etc.

8. Start moving

Physical exercise can reduce stress and anxiety. And good news, it is not mandatory to be a runner to be relaxed! A short walk every evening with your dog or performing some stretching exercises could already help you reduce your daily stress.

9. Relax 

Take 10 minutes to decompress after your day. Lie down on your bed; put a warm towel around your neck and shoulders. Then, close your eyes and relax all of your muscles. You can then use a tennis ball on your neck to remove any remaining tension.

10. Be positive

It is a good idea to keep a list of all of the positive things in your life. You can use a diary to remind yourself of all the great times you have had with your friends, all the positive emotions, and all of your successes. When you feel stressed, just read your diary.



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Last modified date: 7/4/2022