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Exercising in winter

Happy in winter


When it gets cold outside your mood tends to decrease, and you may be tempted to just hang up your exercise gear and become a shut-in. Avoid this trap! Staying physically active throughout the winter can keep your mind happy and healthy.


Exercising regularly can give you more energy in your day-to-day life. The more you do this the easier it will be to climb out of your warm bed on those freezing cold mornings.

Immune system

Research shows that the immune system can be boosted by regular exercise. This is a huge plus in the winter as you might end up far stronger when battling coughs and colds.

Avoiding weight gain

It is often in the coldest months that over-eating or over-indulging in sweets is most tempting. Regular exercise can help you to burn off those extra calories or to be in such good spirits that you have no inclination to eat them in the first place.

Warming up is key

A 10-minute warm-up can be important before starting any exercise, particularly if you’re a novice. If you are exercising outside in the winter, make sure you’re wearing sufficient layers to protect yourself from the cold.

Safety First

When exercising after dark, make sure you stick to areas that are well-lit, and wear clothing that is bright and reflective so that you are visible to motorists.

It also helps to tell a friend or loved one where you’re going. In dark and wet conditions it is easy to slip and fall in areas that may not be visible or easily accessed. Others having knowledge of your whereabouts is a good precaution in case the worst happens.

Listening to music is probably also a bad idea. Hearing what’s going on around you is a key element of safety.

If the weather is really bad, join a gym or purchase some of your own indoor equipment.

Exercising throughout the winter can have great effects on your blood pressure.



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