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How do you exercise while watching television?

Woman exercice in front of tv

People don’t realize that watching TV is an ideal time to exercise; it just depends on what you do. Here are 10 ways to watch TV in a healthier way.


Your exercise equipment in front of the TV! If you have a treadmill doubling as a clothes hanger, now is the time to remove the clothes and put it in front of the TV. If you can’t see around it, you’ll be obliged to use it; just don’t move it back!

Set up

A circuit training route in front of your TV. If your living room is large enough, you can set up “stations” that you go to in order to perform cardio routines while your shows are on. You can jump rope, walk in place, or use equipment like dumbbells, exercise balls, or steps to raise your heart rate.


The commercial breaks as a time trial. See how many pushups you can do while the commercials are on. If you’re just starting out, then start with pushups or sit-ups during 1 commercial. Once this gets easy, see how many you can do during 2, 3, etc. Once over, the sofa is there waiting, as is the television.


Lunges while watching TV. You can do lunges on the spot or lunges in  place or while walking around the room. Again, it’s an activity that can fit in between programs, during the adverts.


Walk in place as you watch your favorite show. Walking in place requires no special equipment and it won’t strain your body.


How many squats you can do. Squats can be done in place or, if you require some support, up against a wall. Once you’ve bent your legs and reached a sitting position, see how long you can hold it.


Are easier than a proper sit-up, but they tone abdomen muscles better.


Exercise shows on TV. These shows are common enough now that you don’t have to buy expensive online exercise courses. Find a trainer that you like watching and that suits your level of experience and follow along.


Change up your exercise routines in front of the TV. Just as you don’t watch the same programs over and over again (I hope), you shouldn’t stick to the same exercise routines if you’re finding them boring or repetitive, unless routine and repetition suit you. For some people, they do. Change things around so that you don’t get bored. This will make it more likely that you’ll stick to exercising in the long term.

For those

Of you for whom all of the above exercises are just too much bother and effort, there is one last supremely easy option that you can do with a remote control in one hand, dare I say it?…chips or a drink in the other, and without leaving the comfort of your favorite armchair or sofa: fidget. People who fidget can burn up to 350 more calories per day; even those who are sitting down. If your body’s moving, it’s burning calories. Be restless, be healthy!



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