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Relax at work in 5 minutes

Relax at work in 5 minutes

It is very common to have stressed times at work. We can even say crazy days! As you know, when you are stressed, it is even more difficult to focus and be efficient. If you feel overwhelmed by events and your workload, it is time for a 5-minute break using your 5 senses.

After your break, you will still have many things to do, but you will feel better and be ready to deal with your to-do list. Set your phone clocks for a 5-minute relaxation break.

Pillar: relax your body


Find a good way to sit comfortably in your chair, with a good position. Plant your feet on the ground and rest your hands on your desk.


Do not think about complicated techniques, just take long and deep breaths, then slowly exhale. Repeat 5 times.

Wake up your 5 senses

One by one, for around 1 minute each. Close your eyes and let’s go:


Concentrate on the different scents around you. Can you smell the fresh air outside? Is there someone using perfume close by?


Focus on the sounds of your environment. Try not to judge the sounds; there are no bad or good sounds. They are just sounds. Try to individualize each sound, one by one and focus on it.


Open your eyes and analyze the shapes, textures, and colors of your working place. Can you see different shades of colors? Is there a color missing?


Focus on the feeling of your hands on your desk. Can you feel the temperature and the texture? Concentrate on the pressure of your feet on the floor.


If you have something to eat, take a bite and try to identify the different flavors. If you do not have something to eat, focus on the taste of your mouth itself. Move your tongue in your mouth and try to concentrate on the different feelings.


The 5-minute break is over now. Do you feel better? You will see that working will now be easier for you!