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#CheckYourBloodPressure #BecauseIsayso

Hypertension is the main cause of stroke and cardiovascular problems.So don't wait, have your blood pressure checked regularly.


The 2024 #BecauseIsayso #CheckYourBloodPressure campaign is here!

Be the CAPTAINS OF YOUR LIVES by checking your blood pressure regularly. 

Be the captain of your life

This time, we would like you to follow the example of the sports’ captains of the campaign! 

#CheckYourBloodPressure like captains do!

This campaign has been developed with the endorsement of the May Measure Month!

#BecauseISaySo: Raising awareness of hypertension diagnosis

"Measure your blood pressure accurately, control it, live longer". The aim of World Hypertension Day 2024, developed by the World Hypertension League, is to focus on awareness and the low rate of hypertension diagnosis worldwide.

Arterial hypertension is a chronic disease defined by excessively high blood pressure. It is one of the main risk factors for cardiovascular disease. Today, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), it is one of the leading causes of premature death worldwide. However, hypertension is highly controllable, provided it is detected early and treated appropriately.

Hypertension: A Silent Killer

  • Patients with high blood pressure may experience dizziness, headaches and palpitations, but in most of the cases hypertension remains asymptomatic.
  • Hypertension often presents no symptoms at all, which is why it has been dubbed the "silent killer". Screening may therefore prove to be the only indicator of hypertension: so it's important to have your blood pressure checked regularly by a healthcare professional.
  • It doesn't take long, it doesn't hurt, and the results are immediate. Alternatively, you can measure your own blood pressure using a portable blood pressure monitor and talk to your doctor about it. 

Increase your knowledge about hypertension

What is it and why get checked? How to take control of it?

In partnership with May Measure Month.