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Because I say so #Takeyourmedicine

Adherence is a challenge for all patients suffering from chronic disease such as hypertension and high cholesterol!

Let’s talk about this important piece of a patient’s treatment. 

Light bulbDid you know?

The nonadherence to hypertension or high hholesterol treatment results in an increased risk of having a cardiovascular event such as heart attack or stroke, and it could be fatal.

For these reason, it is so important to take your medicine every day and to follow your doctor’s recommendation to achieve disease control and be protected.

Remember, hypertension and high cholesterol are silent diseases.

To remind you to take your medicine every day we have developped this worldwide campaign.




Our lives hold moments of pleasure and to enjoy these good moments you need to achieve disease control and be protected; and the only way to do this is to...

Take your treatment!

When one piece goes missing...

If diagnosed, remember that your treatment is only effective if you take it every day.

Taking your antihypertensive treatment every day is crucial for controlling your blood pressure and cholesterol to ensure long-term cardiovascular protection, but it is not always easy to remember to take them. So, we have some tips to help you to remember to take your medicine as part of your daily routine…

What can you do on a daily basis to remind you to take your treatment?

Use these tips to help you remember to take your pill…

Set a daily alarm
Put your medication next to the coffee machine
Link a daily event with the taking of medication
Use a pill box: a compartment for each part of the day (morning, noon, evening) and 1 box per day
Create a shared account (eg, Netflix or conversation group), call it “Take your Medicine”
Create a password such as “take-my-drugs” for a website you visit often / your phone
On your phone, put "take your medication" in the screen background
Add an icon of a drug to your bookmark so you will see it when you read at night before going to sleep
Check a box on the calendar each time you take your medication
Use a dedicated application to think about the treatment
One minute each day could add years to your life
Put your medication box next to the family photos that you often look at

Against the risk of CVDs, treatment
adherence gives you a better chance.

Please listen to your loved ones to continue sharing great life moments

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Increase your knowledge about the importance of adhering to your treatment for high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

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