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Living with chronic venous disease
You can find all the necessary information to understand chronic venous disease (CVD), its global impact, its causes and consequences, and how to get chronic venous disease under control.
Chronic Venous Disease

Relieve my painful legs

A 3-tip guide


Consult your doctor

Ask your doctor questions to recognize typical symptoms and signs of venous disease.

Practice these advised lifestyle modifications

If you experience the feeling of heavy legs, incorporating simple habits into your daily routine and maintaining a healthy lifestyle can help protect from the discomfort caused by increased fluid in your legs and the damage this can cause to veins over time:1

Wear loose clothes & low-heel shoes

Practice a physical activity

Massage feet & rinse with cold water

Elevate your legs

Avoid drinks & foods that favor venous congestion

Avoid exposure to heat

Avoid sitting or standing for long periods

Avoid excessive weight gain


Speak about your disease and find your optimal treatment1

Hygiene rules
Compression stockings
Venoactive drugs
Nonsurgical procedures
Surgical procedures
Only a doctor can advise you regarding your diagnosis and treatment.

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